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How Will These Companies Be Affected by COVID-19 Restrictions?

The stock markets have become extremely volatile in the wake of the global health crisis. Travel company stocks are crashing as varying levels of advisories urge people to stay home, from recommendations of social distancing to complete lockdowns of countries.

Libra, More Questions than Certainties

Libra is a new Blockchain-based cryptocurrency which Facebook will launch in coalition with 27 other companies, its name is the Libra Association, established in Switzerland, it is a non-profit organization that will create and promote the aforementioned cryptocurrency.

A Black Year for the Crude

During the past months, there has been a crisis never seen before in oil prices. It's not a secret that "black gold" moves the world and gives solvency to a large number of countries around the globe. Therefore, when it suffers, it creates a chain reaction towards other facets of the economy.

Trading Basics

What is a PIP?

When you decide to enter the interesting universe of trading, you will find that there is a whole world of new terms that may sound strange if you have not learned them. However, it is essential to understand the operation and technical jargons of these financial instruments.

What is Leverage?

The word leverage has several meanings, that are all distinctly different, and yet still hold some similarities. In science class, you may have likely learned about mechanical leverage. This is used to amplify the physical force that is input using a mechanical tool such as a lever, in order to increase the force that is output.

What are Stocks?

Even if you're new to trading, there is a good chance that you have heard of Stocks or Shares. Stockbrokers have been depicted in movies for decades, from "Trading Places" to "The Wolf of Wall Street", so it's no surprise that the average person is at least somewhat familiar with the concept of Stocks.


Tips to Keep in Mind During Difficult Times

During a pandemic, many areas of life are seriously affected. Medical supplies are scarce, the economies of nations are sinking, cuts in wages and unemployment are increasing, interruptions in the productive apparatus occur and, consequently, the economy and the finances of individuals are also afflicted.

Investor's Safe Haven During COVID-19

2020 started with a sudden flood of turbulent news that impacted the world's health and economy. A significant number of people lost their jobs, companies are declaring insolvency and many investors are losing sleep due to the sharp falls of the most important global indices.